Donor Trends

Data driven insight and fundraising action


Do you need to:

  • Gain insight into your donor base?

  • Increase donor retention?

  • Improve donor satisfaction?

  • Identify donors who feel most connected to your cause?

  • Stop wasting money talking to people too frequently?

  • Understand what is happening in your marketplace?

  • Benchmark your performance against others?

  • Reduce complaints?


DonorTrends helps over 1,000 fundraisers globally to improve their donor relationships and retention through improved understanding of donor engagement. It enables charities to identify those donors who are most engaged, or loyal, and vice versa, and make accurate insight-driven decisions about their donor relationships that they can use to communicate more relevantly with them.  Predictive science combined with actual donor data means the service enables charities to improve retention and revenue while reducing communications wastage, costs, and importantly, donor irritation and fundraising fatigue.   

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