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How can I control what happens to my personal data?


Useful information for members of the public - frequently asked questions and how to make data requests

Q.    How can I stop all personally addressed letters from organisations I don’t know?

A.    Register with The Mailing Preference Service

·      Go to and give them your name and address. It also possible to do this on behalf of an elderly or a vulnerable person.

·      All major, reputable organisations who send unsolicited letters take out the names and addresses of people registered on the Mailing Preference Service before sending out letters.

·      It is in their interest to not mail consumers on this file as they are wasting their own time and money sending information to people who have said they do not wish to receive it.


Q.    I don’t mind hearing from some companies, but I do not want to hear from specific charities, even if I have given to them in the past

A.    Register with The Fundraising Preference Service

·      Go to and chose which specific charities you do not want to hear from.

·      By registering here, you can stop a charity from sending you any information.


 Q.    I want to stop phone calls from companies I’ve never heard of

A.    Register with the Telephone Preference Service

·      Go to and register your mobile and or landline telephone number.

·      Organisations running cold telemarketing campaigns are required to suppress names of people register with the TPS, if the consumers on the list were not given the opportunity to opt-out of receiving unsolicited cold calls.

·      They need to do this within 28 days of making a phone call.