Berry Thompson’s Unifida.

There’s nothing more important than knowing your customers


Unifida, a smart solution that gives you

  • Insight into your donor activity in real time at your finger tips

  • Relevant content based on cross channel activity by connecting online activity with offline activity

  • Cost effective merge purge of your own campaigns in-house

  • Effective management of Right to be Forgotten and Subject Access requests

  • A step further than your existing Customer Relationship Management by creating a Single Customer View

  • Help in creating a business case for implementing a Customer Data Platform


If you’re looking for all or any of the above then Unifida is a solution you’ll love as it empowers your fundraising and supporter management. Its rigorous system enables you to see all supporter activity in real-time, with all of this data combined into a single supporter view. A single view that helps you to develop a clear understanding of each individual supporter’s behaviour and preferences, that in turn will enable deeper and more meaningful engagement and improved return on fundraising investment.

If this is something you would like to explore then please contact Suzanne on or call 020 3475 6820